Prince2 Certification Training

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  • Category: Project Management
  • Duration: 24 watching hours
  • Certificate: On completion
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Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2®) is a globally recognized, process-based project management methodology and best practice guidance. Accredited by AXELOS®, our PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training Course will help you attain the deep understanding of the core PRINCE2® principles, concepts, terminology, standards, and best practices, while along with preparing you to clear the prestigious PRINCE2® Certification Exam. The course will pave way for you to establish yourself as a reliable project professional in the industry.

Course Objectives

When you have finished this course, you will know how to:

  • Apply the seven principles, processes, and themes in the PRINCE2 guidelines.
  • Tailor your approach for different projects, ensuring flexibility and success in today’s dynamic work environment.
  • Develop a product-based planning approach for projects that helps divide them into manageable, controllable stages.
  • Control the use of resources and effectively manage project risk.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of each member of the team tasked with managing a project.
  • Apply skills that complete and complement the knowledge-based approach of the PRINCE2 certification.

Course Outline

  • Current Challenges for Organizations today
  • Definition of Project
  • Need for Project Management Methodology
  • Six Aspects of Project
  • Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • Structure of PRINCE2®
  • Benefits of PRINCE2®

Understand Seven Principles of PRINCE2® Methodology

  • Continued Business Justification
  • Learn From Experience
  • Defined Roles and Responsibilities
  • Manage by Stages
  • Manage by Exception
  • Focus on Products
  • Tailor to Suit the Project Environment
  • What are the Themes
  • The PRINCE2® Themes
  • Applying the Themes
  • Format of the Themes

Business Case Defined

  • What is Business Case?
  • Outputs, Outcomes and Benefits
  • Type of Business Case

PRINCE2® Approach to the Business Case

  • Developing the Business Case
  • Verify and maintaining the Business Case
  • Confirming the benefits
  • The Content of a Business Case
  • Responsibilities

Organization Defined

  • Project
  • Programme
  • Corporate Organization
  • Three projects interests

The PRINCE2® approach to organization

  • Level of organization
  • The project Team Management
  • Working with the Corporate Organization
  • Working with Stakeholders
  • Procedure for Stakeholder
  • Responsibilities


Quality Defined

  • Quality
  • Quality management and quality management system
  • Quality planning
  • Quality control
  • Quality Assurance

The PRINCE2® approach to quality

  • Quality Planning
  • The customer’s quality expectations
  • Acceptance criteria
  • The project product description
  • The quality management strategy
  • Product descriptions
  • The quality register

Quality Control

  • Quality methods
  • Quality records
  • Approval records
  • Acceptance records
  • Responsibilities


Plans Defined

  • What is a plan?
  • What is planning?
  • Levels of Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Stage Plan
  • Team Plan
  • Exception Plan
The PRINCE2® Approach to plans
  • Philosophy
  • Prerequisites of planning- design the Plan
  • Define and Analyze the Products
  • Identify activities and dependencies
  • Prepare the Estimates
  • Prepare the Schedule
  • Analyze the Risks
  • Document the Plan
Product-based planning technique example
Risk defined
  • What is a risk ?
  • What is at risk ?
  • What is risk management
The PRINCE2® Approach to Risk
  • Management of risk principles
  • Risk management in projects
  • Risk management strategy
  • Risk register
  • Risk management procedure
    • Identify
    • Assess
    • Plan
    • Implement
    • Communicate
Change defined
  • Issue and change control
  • Configuration management
  • Issues
  • Types of Issues
The PRINCE2® Approach to Change
  • Establish Controls
  • Configuration Management Strategy 03:39
  • Configuration item records
  • Product Status accounts
  • Daily log
  • Issue register
  • Issue reports
  • Configuration Management Procedure
  • Issue and Change Control Procedure
    • Capture
    • Examine
    • Propose
    • Decide
    • Implement



Change defined

  • What is progress?
  • What are progress controls?
  • Exceptions and tolerances

The PRINCE2® Approach to Progress 02:30

Delegating Authority

  • The four levels of management
  • Project board controls
  • Project manager controls
  • Use of Management Stages for Control
  • Number of Stages
  • Length of Stages
  • Technical Stages

Event-Driven and Time-Driven Controls

  • Baselines for progress control
  • Reviewing progress
  • Capturing and reporting lessons
  • Reporting Progress
  • Raising Exceptions


  • The PRINCE2® Processes
  • The PRINCE2® Journey
  • The PRINCE2® Process Model
  • Structure of the Process Chapters
  • Management Products
  • Key to Process Diagrams
  • Benefits of PRINCE2®

Starting up a project

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Activities

Directing a project

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Activities

Initiating a project

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Activities

Controlling a stage

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Activities

Managing Product Delivery

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Activities

Closing a project

  • Purpose and objectives
  • Activities
  • Understand the need for tailoring and general approach to tailoring
  • Tailoring and embedding
  • Approach to tailoring